Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Family Photos Finally!

I know I told you I wouldn't blog often. I would love to, but would have to have a housekeeper, a few more hours in the day, and a camera that never loses charge and uploads the pics/video wirelessly upon their taking...a girl can dream, right? Since this is the real world I'll try to do a post at least once a month. This is the one I've been waiting to post for a long time, though! Please plan some time for our movie-night...the story of Elita! It's about 45 minutes of video between the 2 of the videos above! :)I'm so excited to have loved ones and strangers alike get the opportunity to see God in action in this little life - captured on these videos. Our Father cares so much for every single life and has a plan for every orphan...we all need to be looking out for how He might use us...asking Him what he is up to and how we can join Him. "I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart....WHERE?" (Austin and Elita ask? :) “She is so happy!” “What a ham!” “She is wide open!” “She REALLY is a Digsby!”...I hear these a lot....many of the same words people used to describe her big brothers in toddlerhood (and still :). She is so very full of life, noise, action, and beautiful smiles that outshine her haste-induced bumps and bruises. People ask “isn’t it different with a girl?”...hmmm...not too much so far. She is quite active, fearless, and tremendously social, which runs in the family :). I’m not saying she’s a tomboy, but she is able to hold her own for sure. But yes, there is an extra dose of whining, screaming and drama, too, if that’s what they mean. She has learned that throwing fits on the tile floor doesn’t feel so good (2 head banging experiences taught her that), so now she just places her head gently on the floor, bottom up, feet and hands on the floor and looks out of the corner of her eyes to see if we are going to respond to the drama. We try to not to laugh! (Yes, we respond, but I doubt it’s what she was hoping for). She does twirl to music unprompted, rock her baby (one hand holding her hair and the other her foot - a sight!), and try to put shoes on herself and bows in her hair. Her newest favorite thing to do is scream at the top of her lungs (and soprano) in the car every few seconds. Warning: steer clear of my Expedition on Evans’ roads! We are working on bringing this to a halt - it’s terribly unpleasant, not to mention dangerous! Elita eating a strawberry from our garden...just "pulling up a seat" and taking a bite off the plant! Elita loves what is off limits...after all, it must be extra special and fun if Mommy and Daddy say “don’t.” The minute she comes through the front door, she b-lines to the bathroom, hoping she’ll get to experience whatever treasures there are in the toilet that we so cruelly keep from her....literally running with high-knees at super-speed, looking over her shoulder lest she get scooped up along the way by Mom or Dad. “Rats! Foiled again! Will try again tomorrow, and faster next time.” Whenever she knows she’s heading for mischief (often saying “no, no” as she does), she speeds up and has a little excited skip in her step...last time that didn’t help her, since she was heading for her brothers’ bathroom stool which she fell as quickly off of as she climbed on, knowing I was in hot pursuit of her so she’d better hurry. Ugh, an ugly bruise...on her cheek this time. We are getting used to closing bathroom doors...we didn’t ease gently into toddlerhood around here, you know, so this is a process. We are not proclaiming that mischief will be part of her years to come...she’s getting it out of her system now, we pray :). Imagine living all of life in a crib and occasionally wandering without direction on a big room’s floor with no limits, boundaries, steps, cabinets, doors...So, we have our work cut out for us, and she has come a long way in terms of boundaries. You’ll be able to recognize us...a fair blue-eyed crew with a beautifully bronze brown-eyed toddler leading the way...I’m the one with the half-wavy hair, b/c I haven’t blown my hair dry it dry since we’ve been home but a couple times (hey, just be glad my teeth are brushed), in jogging shoes for toddler chasing, whether they go with what I’m wearing or not, whistle on my key-chain for the boys, and a deep peace in my heart knowing I'm where I'm supposed to be, despite the beads of perspiration. We are blessed, and yes, I sleep hard!


Katie and Allan said...

Thank you for sharing your incredibly beautiful and joyous story!:)

Michelle said...

Love every second of the videos. Annabel was watching with me and said mommy I want to cuddle Elita like Thomas and Austin get to...and I said me too!! Miss you all loads....lots and lots of love from all of us here to all of you there mxxxxx