Thursday, April 07, 2011

We're coming to America!

I can't get that song out of my head. We've got to get to bed...have to meet our cab in less than 7 hours, so this will be brief. Soooooo excited to get home! Please pray for us - our wake up call is at 3:30 AM to start 26 hours of travel! Pray especially for us to be able to rest on the plane. For Elita, who is ON THE GO, to be able to handle it gracefully, for our flights to be uneventful and on time, and for customs to go quickly in Detroit - we have just 1.5 hours to get through from landing time from Hong Kong to departure time to Atl. If all goes as planned we will be landing in Augusta at 5:32 PM Friday evening. Woo hoo!!! If you are planning to join us there, you should text Tom on Friday morning so we know and can keep you posted if there are any changes. Home later...gotta get to bed!


Katie and Allan said...

What an extraordinary experience we've had following your blog-couldnt have been more real for us if we were physically there!
You have our prayers for all you hope for on your way home:)

Jessica said...

We are planning on meeting you at the airport but I don't have Tom's cell so I try to call someone from church who may know. Have a safe travel today and we are praying for smooth travel for little Elita and on time everything!