Tuesday, April 05, 2011

US Consulate-approved Georgia-girl!

It's the last detail! We swore an oath today and finalized the last paperwork details of Elita's Visa which we'll get tomorrow before dinner and then to bed for a short night before the travel begins. We are almost home!! So ready to be there and start our life together as a family of 5! Tonight we went on the Pearl Riverboat Cruise. It was beautiful - there is some serious neon around here! Everything is lit up. Here are a bunch of photos - Tom did a little photo shoot of our Emperess in the garden behind our hotel. She is so beautiful! Tomorrow we wrap our excursions up with a trip to the zoo! Elita will love that!

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Katie and Allan said...

Looks like a perfect Evening!Thinking about what your taking away with you(beside Elita!)and about what youre leaving of yourselves in China-youve touched so many people!:)