Sunday, April 03, 2011

Busy day of excursions!

This morning we met up with our group and took our bus over to a shopping area from 10-2. We all need a few things for our babies/kids, especially shoes. Those who know me, know I'm not one to shop for hours...maybe 2 at the most when I'm really in the mood. Well...maybe that's because I've never been shopping for my very own baby girl's clothes! FUN! We got a few pairs of cheap here, her Easter dress (love it!), and a couple other things. She and Daddy did lots of laps in the stroller around the mall. Daddy was a champ and was actually quite grateful that I am a costume-jewelry kinda girl after he heard what was spent on pearls and jade by other Mamas in our group! Elita was the only one under 2 from our group that didn't give in to exhaustion and nap in her stroller, our arms, OR on the bus ride home...I can't imagine how she manages to be so much like her brothers who she hasn't even met!!! She is wild and on the move like they always far the squirmiest and fastest moving baby we've seen in China, and the loudest! She sings and talks - full volume and constantly! Just overflowing with personality! Precious! She's been singing "round and round" from the Wheels on the Bus song we've been singing to her when on the bus the past 2 days. She eats like her brothers, too - where do these 3 Digsby kids put all their food?!? She sure loves the "more" sign! In fact, she does it now as soon as I open her diaper bag, just knowing there must be a snack in there. I will say, it is amazing not to have to read every label and spend time talking with every Chef since she doesn't have food allergies like our other children. I almost returned a spaghetti that unexpectedly had parmesan cheese on it before realizing that wait - for the first time in 7 years we are eating out with a child who can eat whatever! You folks without food allergies have NO idea how many hours and headaches it saves you! We all have different blessings to count! Finally, we got back to the hotel where we laid her down...the crib is very narrow and not too deep, so we can't really let her stand up in there, though she wants to as soon as she is laid down. So, we stand there beside the crib singing sweetly to her as she stood up, and we laid her back down...over and over and over...she thought it was a game at first, then threw a few leg-kicking, head-tossing, bubble-blowing fits of protest, and then gave in and stayed down and was off to sleep. She woke in time for a group picture in the lobby with the group we are here with this week. She's the cutie with the brown belly right there in the middle! :) Then off to dinner with the group. A busy day for her...we assured her that we will never drag her through the mall for hours again unless it's her idea!


Michelle said...

Hugs and kisses Elita from Aunt Shell Shell!!! You are too cute and have the sweetest smile and laugh. 4 hours shopping Sohailla I am impress and without me :) check you out hope you had fun shopping for pink things! Now when we have our shopping date how much shopping will we do for ourselves and how much for our girls?!?! Miss and love you all!

Katie and Allan said...

we're traveling right now and ordinarily would give in to the harriedness of all that we are doing and be "pooped" but hearing about your Energizer Bunny's doings has "pepped" us!-we're reminded that there is adventure everywhere- even in a diaper bag:)AND NONE OF IT TO BE MISSED!
Even with your giving us such incredible details we still have a million questions!
Looking forward to your next letter and more pictures!

Karla said...

hey! we are on the road for spring break now and i could hardly wait for wifi so i could check on my friend! what a fun day of shopping...wish i could have been with you! :) SEE you this week! yay!!

Brooke Southerland said...

It's so exciting to know you guys will be home THIS Friday!! I can't wait to take pictures of that sweet little girl :) It's exciting to see that you guys are getting to take in the China. What a neat place full of history. :) Miss you guys! Looking forward to seeing you and this sweet baby girl!

Kyle and Tara Williams said...

Love the shopping post, Sohailla! I think we moms who had boys first enjoy it even more. :)
Your posts, stories, pics and Elita are consuming. Your that. The fingerprints of God's faithfulness, protection, provision and divine appointment are overwhelming. Prayers answered. He is steadfast in His affection for us.
Continuing to pray for you all.